So maybe you’ve heard it said many times that you need to move your business to social media whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. But how do you really actually leverage platforms like those to build up sales and loyal customer leads? The key is in interacting with customers and making your brand personal to them, and there are four tips to do that effectively.


Ask Your Audience Questions In Social Media Posts

As Forbes explains in this article, you can begin getting your audience engaged by asking questions maybe about things related to the products you sell, or other things your business does. These tend to prompt more potential customers to jump in and perhaps become more curious about it. You also might use a few visual enhancements to make the question stand out a little more and get a feel for their interest level.

List Business Events With Convincing Photos That Spur Your Customers To Respond

If you have any signature sales events or perhaps nights where your business might be serving specials if it’s a restaurant, this is an excellent opportunity to invite people to join. The more cordial and personal the invitation sounds, the more likely people will respond. It’s possible that those who’ve attended this event before will post something positive about it and that way encourage others to visit.

Use Facebook As A Chance To Conduct Surveys Or Resolve Complaints

One thing you can do if you’re interested in promoting your company through adding content is using it to conduct surveys or address feedback on a specific product or service. Customers can see you actively working to improve productivity or make sure that their complaints are being addressed, and that can very easily affect their perception of you. But even more so, you have a chance to get a feel for how well a new product might do.

Use Facebook To Thank Customers

The most important part of having loyal customers is thanking them for their business and encouraging them to continue. A study revealed that in general, Facebook posts with 80 characters or less receive a 27 percent higher engagement rate. So using the right amount of words, and finding what resonates with your audience is important. Using social media can also allow you to see which employee met their needs and allow you to give them a pat on the back as well. Gratitude and appreciation are some of the most positive ways to improve your social media reputation.

In conclusion, you don’t want to just spend time on social media for the sake of doing so because time can be money, and it’s also a significant investment you’ll make for your business. But if you can make your time on social media count, you can see a return on happy customers. And most importantly, you can follow up with them and build your contact list.


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