Creating a Successful Social Media Campaign

by Jun 15, 2018

Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook, checking out the latest posts on your news feed and you come across an amazingly exciting and a well-implemented campaign?  Of course, at the time you don’t realize it because it is planned so well and leaves you captivated and wanting more.  And you are HOOKED!  Finally, a successful social media campaign that is exciting and entices viewers to learn more.  A campaign that has a clear call to action.  A campaign that draws potential customers to inquire for more information.  A campaign that allows a company an opportunity to educate viewers about the value the business offers.  A campaign that allows the viewer to experience the services and what benefits they would receive.  A campaign that engages the customer and helps them realize they cannot live without what your business has to offer.  According to Dhruv Grewal, Ph.D., “positively engaged customers tend to be more profitable consumers, purchasing 20 to 40 percent more than less engaged customers do.”  To run successful social media campaign businesses, need to implement the 4E’s to excite, educate, give experience, and engage a potential clients.



What Steps Do I Take to Create a Successful Social Media Campaign?

There are five steps that a business should follow to develop a well-planned successful social media campaign.  First, is to identify a strategy.  A business needs to decide what exactly they are looking to promote and gain from a social media campaign.  As a business owner are you looking to increase your sales? Do you want to increase social media site traffic? Are you interested in gaining loyal clients who would then tell their friends? Are you interested in increasing mindfulness of a particular product?  Dhruv Grewal, Ph.D. states that “Depending on what a company aims to achieve, it might focus on developing a Facebook page, creating a Facebook app, or hosting a Facebook event.”  There are several reasons why implementing a social media campaign can benefit you and your company.

Second, identify your target audience.  Your audience preferences can be filtered by location, language, education, gender, profession, age, relationship status, likes or dislikes, as well as friends and connections.  Marketing-Sixth Edition notes that “The marketer’s aim is to find an audience big enough that they reach all those who might adopt their product.”  The ultimate goal when marketing a social media campaign is to determine a large enough audience that might benefit from the product or company.

Third, it is essential to work with a marketing expert to develop a successful social media campaign.  The third step is the portion of the process that a company can experiment and engage the targeted audience.  The designs must be appealing and draw attention.  A strong call to action is necessary for the campaign to be successful.  However, creating the campaign is just part of the process, continuously updating the images and language is necessary.  Mixing up the content allows for viewers to not be bored with the content over the span of the campaign.  Changing up the content keeps the campaign feeling fresh and new.

Fourth, the budget.  Defining a budget is a MUST.  Popular social media sites, like Facebook, allow organizers to set a daily budget depending on a per click basis.  Another aspect of a successful social media campaign is reviewing your budget on a regular basis.  The reason for regular budget monitoring is to guarantee that your promotion is being promoted and is the best offer on the market.  If a rival company is offering a better deal that is something that could be of some significance to a business owner.  The budget may need to increase to allow the social media campaign to be seen more often.

Last, but not least number five, observe and alter.  Clients and viewers on social media platforms don’t want to see the same old boring content.  Take advantage of the analytics that many social media sites offer and mix up your content.  Do not continue to run the same ad week after week and expect to receive a great outcome.  With any campaign, the same bland message will get you the same mediocre results, so make sure to give yours some flare!



The Nuts and Bolts…

If you are looking to create an exciting, educational, engaging experience, it is necessary to follow the 4E’s along with the successful social media campaign steps to thoroughly engage your audience.  With over 1.5 billion monthly users Facebook is an ideal platform to advertise the latest and greatest product that your company has to offer.  Interested in gaining more information?  Facebook Business has all the details on building pages, ads, and sponsored stories. While creating a successful social media campaign remember engaging potential clients and providing them with a memorable experience is necessary.  According to Dhruv Grewal, Ph.D., “the connect effect is an outcome of social media that satisfies humans’ innate need to connect with other people.  This connection in social media is bidirectional.”  Creating and maintaining an effective social media campaign can be endless for a business owner.  If you or your company needs assistance in creating the best marketing plan, contact us! COMO Web Designs would love to assist you.  Please leave any comments below about your thoughts on the topic and how your business utilizes social media campaigns; we would love to hear from you!


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