Google Search Engine Results Will Be Based on Mobile Experience

by Sep 25, 2017

Google Search Engine Results Will Be Based on Mobile Experience in 2018


What is responsiveness and “mobile experience”?

Websites were initially created for viewing on desktops and laptops a little over a decade ago.  Jump ahead to 2017 and 77% of Americans now own a smartphone.   We have now entered a time in our lives in which internet searches are happening more frequently via our phones than on our home computers.  Unsurprisingly, Google has noticed this trend and is going to get ahead of the game by making a site’s mobile experience an important part of the algorithm for its search results.

What’s this mean for me?

In plain English: Your website may drop in Google’s search results if your website does not provide its user a good mobile experience.  Think about this: over 90% of internet search traffic is from the 1st page of a web search. (See Forbes) What would happen to your business if your website is currently on the front page of search results but then drops because of a poor mobile experience?  This could have a profound and deleterious effect on the number of customers that find and use your business’s services.

How can I fix my site?

Many websites have an underlying “theme” that is the ultimate framework for the website.  The coding in the theme tells the website how to act and behave on various devices including PC’s, Macs, tablets, and smartphones. If you are using an older theme it may not provide your clients with a satisfactory mobile experience. The first step is to check to see if your website is Mobile Friendly.  Call your web developer or contact COMO Web Designs, LLC to get some help with creating a website that looks and functions great across all devices.

A good mobile experience is crucial for your customers.  Comment below with any questions or concerns!


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