How to Make a Website More User Friendly

by Jul 22, 2021

Imagine a potential customer searching for your services, finding your website perfectly, opening up the page—and then quickly clicking away. No business owner wants their website to detract from their products, but an interface that is not user-friendly will certainly do that. Here are a few tips on how to avoid losing customers and make your website as amazing as your business!

Make it Easy to Navigate

The best way to increase a customer’s good experience on a website is to make it easy to browse. In fact, the more intuitive and natural your website design and setup are, the harder it will be for viewers to exit your page. How do you accomplish such a thing? Put things where users would expect it, first off—that means the tabs on the top, the navigation at the top right, and your text simple and easy to read. The contrasting colors you use will also increase legibility, making your sidebars stand out and your text links easy to see.

Optimize it for Mobile Devices

This one is growing more and more important—don’t just create an interface that is accessible by a computer. Research shows mobile devices account for 56 percent of organic searches. That means half of your traffic you will simply lose out on if you don’t optimize your website for a phone. To actually do this, make sure your font is large, your web design is relatively simple, your speed is fast, and your button sizes will be big enough to be touched by a thumb instead of clicked on. Also, ditch the pop-up ads and ad boxes that obscure text—it already makes things difficult for computer users, but on a phone, it’s near impossible to navigate.

Improve its Loading Speed

This may sound unbelievable, but for every second your site takes to load, you lose page views and conversions. Are people so impatient? Yes, especially on mobile devices. The load time usually depends on the size of images, scripts, and stylesheets that need to load, so the first step to speeding up your site is to minify and combine files. You should also look at changing the types of files you’re using, and even the website host—the cheaper options often can’t keep up with high volume.

You have a great business waiting for customers, but your website will either draw them in or turn them away. You can make a big impact on how your website runs and how much traffic comes in just by tweaking a few things about it. Have a look at your website from a customer’s perspective, and you’ll find what needs improving!

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