How to Maximize your LinkedIn Reach

by Sep 12, 2018

LinkedIn is a super helpful and influential social media platform. It’s incredibly helpful for both businesses and individual users. Businesses are able to find employees and connect with other businesses. Individuals are able to apply for jobs and find out more about companies that interest them. Have I convinced you that it’s important to maximize your LinkedIn reach yet? If so, read on.


I’m a soon-to-be college graduate so for the purpose of this blog I will focus on how to maximize your LinkedIn reach as an individual. These were inspired from Social Media Today, Time, and Forbes.

Tip #1: Engage with others

This is a crucial element to ANY AND ALL social media platforms. There are algorithms used to provide you with relevant content. These are the same ones that publish your information as they see it’s relevant to others.


This engagement with others can be a variety of things. Connect with new people, specifically people in the industry you’re in. Like and comment on posts by leaders in this industry. Make sure these comments provide your intellectual abilities and research-based opinions on topics relevant to the field.


Tip #2: Professional photo

Forbes says that a 2016 LinkedIn survey proved that your profile is 21 time more likely to be viewed if you have a professional headshot as your picture.


Wow, it is literally proven that profile photos can either help or hurt your initial chances at getting a job. If the first thing your potential employer sees is you with a trashy beer in your hand surrounded by a bunch of clearly intoxicated people – most likely they will deduce that you are irresponsible and may not fit well with their company.


Along with a good profile picture, just posting photos and videos with your content can be extremely helpful. This will make your profile more visually appealing and engaging to people viewing it.


Tip #3: Create and maintain your personal voice

Take your resume language and throw it out the window. Your LinkedIn descriptions should contain the same base information but add some flare and originality. While you should keep it professional and avoid slang – it is not necessary to be formal in your wording because it is a social media platform.


This is your chance to show who you are to people that could be looking for something specific that you have.


Tip #4: Post life updates

Although the predominance of the site is in business updates, it’s important to know more about the people you are connecting with in order to build those connections. Social Media Today emphasizes the importance of this by saying, “clients do business with people that they know, like and trust.”


These personal posts will stand out from the clutter of the other posts and draw employers’ attention to your profile.


Tip #5: Boost your skills and endorsements

The previously mentioned Forbes article has a statistic on this as well. A 2016 LinkedIn study described people getting messaged 31 times more and viewed 17 times more with 5 or more skills. Those pesky reminders to update your skills can actually help you land a job, or at least get on the radar of an employer. It would be a good idea to endorse your connections, as this might lead them to endorse you back.


Some good skills are: 

  • Microsoft Office
  • Public Speaking
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Motivation 
  • Innovation

Finale: Maximize your LinkedIn reach

Hopefully after implementing (and keeping up) these 5 tips, you will maximize your LinkedIn reach. Whether you’re looking for employers or looking for employment, these tips can help you achieve those goals.



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