How to Show Your Customers Your Business Can Be Trusted

by Sep 14, 2020

Consumers want to trust businesses. With almost every transaction, they expose some degree of sensitive information to businesses. They want to know they can rely on those businesses to protect that information and to deliver on what they promise. So how do you show customers that your business is one they can trust?

Create a Modern Design

Have you ever been to a website that was horribly outdated? It probably didn’t give you the feeling that the business was very invested in their online presence or professional. It almost certainly didn’t scream trustworthy. A modern website design shows customers that you pay attention to your website. It suggests that you monitor and update it regularly, which means that you pay attention to its security as well. This can show customers that you are a legitimate online business that they can feel good about trusting.

Create a Testimonials Page

Consumers who are concerned about whether or not they can trust a business tend to look pretty closely at both the reviews for that business and any responses the business makes. Having a testimonials page on your website with positive customer reviews can be a good way to show consumers that you already have customers who trust you, which means they can too. Customers are more likely to leave reviews when the service was really good or really bad. Of course, it’s best for you if those reviews are really good. To encourage positive reviews, provide memorable customer service that goes above and beyond expectations.

Avoid Overpromising

Speaking of expectations, if you want to show that your business is trustworthy, you need to manage them properly. Trustworthy businesses follow through on their promises. If you’re going to successfully follow through on the promises you make to customers, you need to avoid overpromising and under delivering. If anything, it’s better to slightly underpromise and overdeliver. If your business makes fulfilling the promises it makes to customers a part of its brand and identity, that will become a part of your business’s reputation. This will lead to the cultivation of trust from your customers.

Building trust in your business is an important part of attracting customers and helping them feel satisfied about the service they get. Show your customers that they can trust your business by making sure your website has an updated, modern design, create a testimonials page, and avoid overpromising. These can help you cultivate a sense of legitimacy and authenticity that will help set the minds of customers at ease.

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