How to Use Handshake For Finding Qualified Employees

by Jul 21, 2018

Is your company looking to hire some new talent and you’re just not sure where to look?  Many local universities are making a move to a new career management platform, Handshake.  Universities such as Central Methodist University in Fayette, MO, Columbia College and the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO, as well as MACC in Moberly, MO, the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg and over 500 institutions across the nation, have converted to this career management platform.  These universities are insisting that companies look on Handshake for finding qualified employees. It all begins with a Handshake. You may have some questions on how to get started. No worries, we have you covered!


What is Handshake?

Handshake is a versatile career management tool that allows both students and employers to connect.  Handshake will enable students to search for jobs and internships worldwide.  Handshake is full of features that would allow the students to upload a resume and cover letters for Career Development Center staff to review.  The platform also has valuable resources for students and employers to register for events that are being hosted such as the Health and Career Expos, on-campus interviews, and informational sessions.  Handshake allows employers to set up a FREE account, as well as reach out to students that have completed profiles that may be a good fit for their company.  Handshake is a platform that puts students first and is empowered by diversity.  The goal of Handshake is to democratize opportunity for all students.


Why do we need Handshake?

As employers this allows you to view a variety of candidates for no charge.  All you have to do is take some time to set up an “Employer” account, connect with schools you are interested in recruiting at and post your opportunities.  This platform is for all shapes and sized companies, from Google to the local store that is looking to fill a professional position.

Central Methodist University implemented Handshake in August of 2017.  The Career Development Center has worked diligently to assist students and employers in utilizing the platform.  It is the goal of the Central Methodist team is to aid in the promotion of Handshake and all the benefits that the program has to offer.  The Handshake platform allows companies to search and view student accounts and many are using Handshake for finding qualified employees.

All members of the Career Development Center team have a working knowledge of the platform and are ready to assist students and employers that have yet to activate their account.  They actually welcome calls or emails and will provide steps for employers to enable their Handshake accounts.  This way an employer will get the most out of their account.


Who needs Handshake?

EVERYONE!! Handshake is a tool that allows companies to have access to students that are looking for jobs, internship opportunities, in addition to viewing a student’s resume and cover letter, the employer is also able to register for events such as the Health Professions Expo and the Career Expo, request to host an on-campus event, sign up for mock interviews, and so much more.

250,000 + employers from all types of industries have opted to set up their account and take advantage of amazing talent offered a many local higher education institutions as well as national institutions.  These companies have access to over 9 million+ students and young alumni ready and willing to fill open professional positions.


How to Use Handshake for
finding qualified employees…

Handshake is a reasonably comfortable platform to use which is one of the main reasons that the Career Development Center converted from the previous provider.  However, if an Employer has never registered for an account or taken the time to go through the setup, it could be a bit confusing.  It would behoove the company to reach out to the university they are interested in recruiting at and learning about the career management platform that the institution uses.

Handshake does have a great support section on their website full of videos and step-by-step instructions that would walk someone through the process.  However, the platform does have a very user-friendly feel and a look similar to Facebook.  Any employers should feel comfortable with utilizing the platform and know that Handshakes customer service is impressive.


The Final Shake Down…

If you are a company in the mid-Missouri area or even a national company, know that Handshake is a worldwide platform.  Thousands of companies are using Handshake for finding qualified employees.  Implementing your account is easy and takes just a few simple steps.  Setting up your account is FREE, we all love that!  Best of all, you are able to search and connect with incredible talent from across the globe.   Consider joining COMO Web Designs and 250,000+ employers on Handshake!

If you or your company needs assistance in creating the best marketing plan, upgrading your website, or support with learning where to market your company openings, contact us! COMO Web Designs would love to assist you.  Please leave any comments below about your thoughts on the topic and how your business connects potential employees; we would like to hear from you!



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