There are many great reasons for building a membership website.  Do you want to create a private area for your clients? Do you want to demonstrate your knowledge of about a certain topic? Do you want to develop course (only view-able to your members of course!)? Do you want to earn passive income?


Regardless of your reason for creating a membership website, there are 3 main benefits that really stand out:

1. Become a known expert in your field

membership websiteIf you’ve trained for a career or spent years learning on the job, then you have a lot of knowledge you can pass onto other people.  If you run your own business then a membership site is an awesome way to highlight your expertise. You can pack your membership website full of knowledge that others want and you’re on your way.  Your topics or nice expertise can be virtually ANYTHING that others want to learn about.

Having a membership by itself is great; there are also huge benefits of being seen as an ‘expert’ or ‘authority’ on a particular subject. It can do wonders for the rest of your business.  A membership website is one of the best ways for you to use your expertise, skills, experience and knowledge augment your business and bring in extra income!


2. Develop loyal customers by “adding value”

A successful membership website is all about adding value to someone’s life or business.  Value is subjective but you want your clients to feel as though you have gone above and beyond the call the job for them and provided them.  The best way to do this is by treating them well and provide them with MORE than they expect. There’s an old saying in business that it takes it takes 12 positive experiences to repair the damage caused by a single unresolved negative one.  Keep your clients happy and they’ll spread the word for you!

Positive Experiences

Source: “Understanding Customers” by Ruby Newell-Legner


3. Show me the money!

Membership websites have the ability to help you earn quite a bit of passive or active income.  Developing your website’s content can be a lot of work. Developing a membership website’s intricacies can be a lot work.  Ensuring that you are giving your clients great value can be a lot of work.  A membership site especially takes a lot of time to set up and get running.

With all that being said, a membership site can be immensely beneficial as it will give you recurring income. Most successful membership websites provide either new content or a set service to its members on a regular basis.


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