Podcasts, a Unique Advertising Outlet

by Jul 31, 2018

With society looking for alternative methods of entertainment, thousands are turning to informational, informative, and intriguing forms of broadcast.  Podcasts have become a popular way to learn about topics that interest you, learn a new language, or catch up on the latest trends.  For the business owner, podcasting has become a very useful tool and unique advertising outlet in marketing a product.  Essentially every business has something they can broadcast to potentially interested listeners.  Broadcast marketing is full of opportunity; you have to know the right way to use it.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a form of broadcasting that began in 2004 and was a popular, yet somewhat unknown form of audio broadcasting for a long time.  According to whypodcast.org, “what HAS surged, perhaps, has been media coverage. More media are noticing podcasts and writing about them, and as a result, the podcasting medium is being thought of as a viable channel for media buy and company investment.”  Podcasts are a combination of “iPod” and “broadcast.” Digital format allows listeners to have access to podcasts through digital files instead of tapes or CDs.  The best part of podcasts is that it allows people who create podcasts to upload them for OTHERS to listen to for FREE!

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Who Listens and Where?

Whypodcast.org has determined that 64% of podcast listeners do so on their mobile device.  With a whopping 77% of Americans owning a smartphone, it is safe to say that thousands have access to podcasts at their fingertips.  On average 56% of listeners are men and 44% are women.  With these types of statistics, it allows a company to determine and target an audience that would be interested in the product that they offer and develop a unique advertising outlet.  Determining a target audience is necessary and allows consumers to understand the product they are potentially investing in.  Providing additional information through a podcast is a great way to do this.  Once you have determined your listeners, you may be wondering where your target audience will listen to your podcast.  According to whypodcast.org, the top three ways podcast listeners access their selected podcast is 52% in the car, 46% while traveling, and 40% while running, walking or biking.  Also, 93% of podcast listeners are on social media, which allows them to share your podcast, information about your podcast, or information on your product.


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How to use Podcasting as a Unique Advertising Outlet…

Podcasts allow a company to engage with an audience.  Among podcast listeners, 88% listen to most or all of the episodes that you produce.  Of those 88%, 79% of listeners listen as soon as the episodes are available.  Producing a podcast gives your company an amazing opportunity to reach consumers almost instantly.  According to whypodcast.org, “podcast are able to engage listeners in a way that traditional media can’t.  When podcasters speak in a listener’s ear, it feels as if they’re being spoken to more directly.  Audience members form relationships with the host and become more rapidly addicted to the content.”

Mobility is a huge component of podcasting and being accessible at any point and anywhere.  Those that were interviewed by whypodcast.org state that “podcasts become a part of their daily routine, whether it be during their commute, exercise regime, housecleaning or other rituals.  Since it is audio, they can listen while doing other things.”

As a business, reaching the maximum number of potential customers is essential.  Podcasting allows companies to develop exposure on many different platforms.  In the benefits section of whypodcast.org, it explains that typically companies purchase advertising in one publication or one channel.  The HUGE benefit with podcasts is that most podcast outlets also have websites, social media sites, email subscription list, blogs, as well as in-person events that allows even more visibility for the company.

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Podcast listeners are selective.  Unlike radio, listeners do not flip channels; they take time to research and review the podcast that interests them.  Listeners are invested in the topic they are listening to.  Selectivity allows a company a chance to intrigue listeners and gains followers that will potentially share what they have learned.

Podcast listeners are characteristically in the higher income bracket and have a higher education level.  Companies that podcast understand this information and use it to their advantage in forming a unique advertising outlet.  These listeners have developed a relationship with the podcast host, the type of information that is being shared in the podcast, and these listeners are more likely to purchase items as a result of the content provided through the podcast.

That’s a Wrap…

Podcasts have gained popularity in the past few years which has become a unique advertising outlet for companies to market.  With thousands of listeners, podcasts opens up the opportunity to share information with a community of people that could potentially become consumers of their product.  There is a wide variety of benefits that come along with starting a podcast, and ultimately it is an easy form of advertising to get started.  Consider your target market before you get started and format your information based on who you are trying to reach.  “A lot of people listen to podcasts because they want to learn something and be entertained along the way.” -Alex Blumberg

If you or your company needs assistance in creating the best marketing plan, upgrading your website, or would like more information on creative marketing and unique advertising outlets, contact us! COMO Web Designs would love to assist you.  Please leave any comments below about your thoughts on the topic and how your company uses podcasts to advertise; we would like to hear from you!


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