Can Memberships Help Your Website Grow?

You may be asking yourself why (and if) should I use memberships on my website?  Memberships aren’t necessary for everyone but they can help many companies retain their clients.  Consider the following sites: a pizza store, a non-profit organization, and a website design company.

The Examples

Pizza Store: Take a look at Domino’s and Papa John’s for some simple examples.  These behemoth companies use their websites to allow customers to order online, pick a delivery/pickup time, and get access to specials.  SO whats the big deal? Well, these sites allow their customers to create their own profile,  save favorite orders, and make it easier for the customer to RE-ORDER their favorite food in the future quickly and easily.  Who doesn’t love the convenience of this!

Non-Profit Organization: Many non-profit organizations have members who pay dues on a regular basis. The use of a good membership plugin allows you to set up recurring payments for your memberships, provide automatic renewal reminders, and even offer various membership levels.  For instance, one of the websites I’ve developed has upwards of 6 different membership levels with expiration dates that vary in different times of the year.  Great membership plugins such as Memberpress do all of the work for you, you simply need to enter the expiration date and when you want the reminders to be sent out! We also utilize the memberships to create special events that our members need to pay and sign up for separately.

Website Design Company: When thinking to yourself, “Should I Use Memberships on my Website?” the short answer is yes for many people.  COMO Web Designs, LLC uses a great, free membership plugin called Paid Membership Pro.  This membership program offers a comprehensive list of features that will suit many of your needs.  You may be wondering why I would need a membership option for my company?  In addition to creating website, I also provide website maintenance services to many of my clients to keep their site functioning well.  It can be a pain in the butt to remember to bill clients every month so I utilize PayPal to provide automatic monhtly draws which simplifies the process for everyone!


The above examples only scrape the surface of potential uses of website memberships.  What have you found to be the most beneficial part of memberships on your website? Comment Below!