Every new year is encompassed by changes in our lives.  New Year’s resolution can vary anywhere between losing weight, getting a new job, finding a significant other, and designing new and improved web pages…Wait what?  That last one may not be the typical resolution, but its going to happen at COMO Web Designs, LLC!  With newer and better comes different trends.  Designers are constantly looking at ways to set themselves apart from the competition by pushing the envelope with bolder colors, layouts and typography. Without further ado, here are a few of the hottest web design trends that you’ll see in 2018!


web design trends in 2018Changing Up Typography

Have you noticed the change of typography over the past few years?  Many more logos employ lowercase-only text and sans-serif fonts.  Many web experts believe that 2018 will the year of the vintage text.  Just like old converse sneakers, vintage typography is ready to take front and center again this year with a variety of serif fonts.



Less “Pop-Ups”web design trends in 2018

Google announced this year that they will start penalizing sites that use  to pop-ups to entice their visitors.  “Pop-ups” is a general and sometimes misused term for a variety of elements that are strategically placed on the site to engage the end user.  There are also things called Overlays, Modals, and Interstitials. Without getting into the specifics of the various types, it is believes that how these are used will play a large part as to whether your SEO will take a hit if they’re used.


web design trends in 2018Adventurous Colors 

Pink and blue? Neon green? Plaid and stripes?  Frankly, noone knows what the year will bring for the color palate.  One thing we can be pretty sure about though, 2018 will see a lot more changes to the standard colors themes that we have seen.  Designers will continue to combined bold and unusual colors to create a striking, eye-popping visual display.


Asymmetric Designsweb design trends in 2018

This is the big one.  Designers will experiment with overlapping, crazy, angled, obtrusive, broken-grid layouts.  Gone will be the days of clean horizontal page breaks.  The real question is whether this will actually take off or whether it will be “too-much” for the normal day to day user.  A lot will truly depend on the business and their audience.  We will not see this adopted in many sites that focus on strength and stability.  We can expect new and edgy companies to try atypical designs to entice and engage.


web design trends in 2018Voice and Natural Language Search

The world of SEO is forever changing and developers need to ready themselves.  The old word of SEO focused on on using keywords for searches.  Let’s take this article for example.  Up until now, the keywords for this article would have been “web design trends 2018.”  Siri, Google Assistant and other artificially intelligent voice systems continue to see an increase in natural language search queries such as “what are the new web design trends in 2018?'”


What do you think will be the newest and hottest web design trends in 2018? Comment Below!


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