Website Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool that gathers your website data in a central location to efficiently measure various components of your website. One of the best things about Website Analytics is that it allows you to track how your customers ultimately arrive at your site.  Are they coming from the Google Search page, Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, or through a direct url? Our Analytics can tell you this and much, much more.


There are two main components that are incorporated into Website Analytics: dimensions and metrics.

  • website analyticsDimensions help to describe what your data is such as: geographic location, demographics, website traffic sources, and the page users navigate to first (landing page)
  • Metrics help to measure your data and includes components such as: number of visits, pages per visit, conversion rate, and bounce rate.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Website Analytics has incredible capabilities and every business should use this great tool to track their goals quickly and easily. Our analytics management interprets, evaluates and track your key performance indices. We utilize Website Analytics to meet and help you exceed your company’s digital goals.



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