Why Being Social Media Literate is Crucial for Your Business

by Jul 22, 2021

Social media can act as the catalyst in transforming your business and bringing you into the twenty-first century. Social media literacy can help you maximize the tools placed before you for complete success. Once you understand how to use the tools given to you on the different social media platforms, you will also see how you can be more efficient.

Great Source of Customer Data

Most social media platforms are filled with helpful and effective tools to track your followers and their interests. You can use analytic tools to figure out who your followers are and where they are from. You can also measure which posts performed better and use that information to figure out why and what you should continue to post. On Instagram, for example, you can look into the analytic tools to figure out who your content is reaching, how many people have seen your posts in contrast to who has liked it, and what actions have been taken as a result of your posts. Once you understand your followers and customers, you can better fit your content to retain their support.

Brings in New Customers

If you are a small business, you may struggle with growing your reach beyond just your regular customers. However, social media allows your business to be found by potential customers besides just those who are following your account. They can find your posts from their friends who follow you, or on their explore pages, which most platforms also include nowadays. Some platforms even let you sell things on your profile now. This provides another way that you can reach new customers and gives them a way to support your business easily without having to be redirected to your website.

Allows Crucial Communication

Through the use of social media, you have a direct line of communication to your customers who follow you. This becomes useful in terms of customer service and answering any questions that your customers may have. They can contact you directly through online chats and you are able to answer their questions much faster than if it was through email. As a result, customers will trust you more because they know that you are willing to communicate with them. Customers can also interact with you through the comments and posts on their own accounts that act as reviews. Communication from your customers is vital because it helps build your brand’s reputation.

Inexpensive Marketing

Some companies will spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns. With social media, you can capitalize on marketing through your accounts. Social media marketing is done through using the information about your target audience and creating a marketing plan with them in mind. Typically, you would just need to work with a social media manager to make a good strategy, but you can also find success from using tips online. You can also invest in some paid promotion or advertisements that attract potential customers to your brand and encourage them to follow your account. The better your marketing plan, the greater return on investment you will get.

Opportunity to Brand

Branding your company is much more than simply coming up with a company name and logo. It includes creating an image for your brand based off of what you want to represent as a company. It goes with your values and who you want to be the face of your company. People tend to support businesses more if they have a story that backs them up. You can also utilize social media to introduce you as the entrepreneur behind it all, to your followers and customers. For example, many businesses will use their social media to explain their mission or why they chose to start the company.

Creating Quality Content

In order to attract new customers, have successful marketing, and build your brand, you need to post good content on your social media. Despite what you might think, not every post needs to be an advertisement for products or services you provide. It can be beneficial for your pages to include posts about you, your employees, or even posts that go along with current internet trends. These types of posts are more likely to work with the social media algorithm and push your content and page to new followers. This also encourages those you support your business to follow you because your posts will not only inform them, but also entertain them.

Social media can become a lifesaving tool for your small business, if you are willing to put in the effort. With social media, you can build better relationships with your customers and continue to attract new customers to your company. Once you make a thought-out social media strategy, you will be able to see your exposure and profits grow right on your screen.

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